Uber Launches UberHop in Toronto

The ride hailing company has launched its new service UberHop in Seattle and Toronto, providing flat rides on weekdays for four specific routes during rush hours for five dollars.

This service will take up to five passengers to and from downtown. This service includes pickup of five passengers from the same spots and routes using minivans and SUV’s.

There is a huge response from people who like to have an efficient and comfortable journey. Still, this operation has not started in some routes, but Uber is taking actions to expand its service in relative routes.

The offer will be available from 7 am to 10 pm and 4.30 pm to 7.30 pm between Liberty village and financial district, city place and financial district, Distillery district and financial district and Fork York and financial district on weekdays. These areas are considered to be a high density area which a number of people going to and from downtown.

Uber is planning to add more drivers providing a better option for passengers. When the user opens the app, they will be located to a meeting spot with a departure time for the vehicle within few minutes.

UberHop will be applied to more commuting routes even outside commuting hours. This service will take four to five passengers in a car rather than one or two.

The city opposed the corporation’s action of charging a direct fare for transportation with the exception of tours and charter buses and free shuttle services.

Uber does wonders to Egypt’s labor economy

Uber is the American based ride hailing company that is slowly taking over the entire world. According to a survey, it is the most valuable company whose net worth stands for $51 billion. Poor Mark Zuckerberg, he must be now breaking his head to figure out a plan! But on a serious note, Uber is a potential threat to all the ride hailing companies and the traditional “yellow cabs”.

Uber is keen in expanding its service throughout the world but the critics say there is no enough space left for the company to grow. Egypt has always been Uber’s favorite and there is another reason for the company to celebrate this year. So it is a one year anniversary for the ride hailing company in the northeast country and Uber is on full party mood!

Uber app connects the riders with drivers and is quiet famous in Cairo, also, people are hugely benefitted with the ride hailing service. It has partnered with Bey2ollak, an app that updates the users regarding traffic and accidents. Uber drivers can now be aware of road traffic in the Egyptian city and it saves a lot of time as well.

The company has offered a lot of features to its users and does feel good campaigns, umm, a tactic to cover up the scams? According to a survey, Uber has offered over 2000 job opportunities to Egyptian drivers and freelancers can make money off spare time as well. Guess it’s time to bid farewell to the local taxi companies in Egypt, definitely not being sarcastic!     

Jakarta finally says a big fat yes to Uber

Uber has always been keen in extending its service wider and stronger despite its infamous controversies. The company’s next target is the moderately populated Asian country, Indonesia. After a lot of efforts, Uber was able to take a solid place in India and China amidst local ride sharing companies. Uber’s CEO Travis Kalanick feels there is a lot of space in Jakarta for the company to grow.

Although, Uber is the most valuable startup in the world, many cities across the globe have banned the ride hailing service. The company has also stated that it is not making good profit off Indonesia’s capital. Jakarta has also banned the company due to security concerns, but after a recent hearing, the government has finally nodded yes.

According to the law, Uber can cooperate in the Indonesia’s capital only under several conditions. The Uber drivers should possess a valid driving license to ride through the city. It should also track every Uber ride and record drivers’ profiles. In order to seek a good profit, Uber must abide by all the rules and regulations provided by the government of Indonesia.

The US based company has always been a potential threat to infamous Uber copycat startups and the traditional “yellow cabs”. The news of Uber’s comeback would have definitely created an impact on the local taxi services of Jakarta. We can hope to see Uber create record breaking market revenue in the capital, no doubts about that!

Problem with Las Vegas Drivers and Their Insurance

Uber, a San Francisco ride hailing company launches its service in Las Vegas in mid September. Users who like to visit Sin City can easily hail a taxi through their mobile app.

There are a lot of Uber drivers who was waiting for this launch in the resort town Las Vegas. Both Uber and Lyft are advertising for drivers in Las Vegas for the past few months.

Vegas cab drivers tend to choose a different route, which will be too far to reach the destination. They do this to avoid traffic but this also serves them to earn more money with longer routes. Some drivers were without proper insurance. This problem may disappear with Uber’s arrival in the town, since each ride is tracked by means of GPS and riders have the option to request for fare review.

Vegas are considered to be one of the famous towns with 24 hour casino and various entertainment options. It is one of the major cities in the US to give a way for Uber and its rival Lyft.

Uber’s launch in Vegas is a good thing and it is evident that the city badly needs Uber for travelers who like to visit the city. Uber is paying good amount of the drivers where places like Vegas, Los Angeles is considered to the best place for drivers to get profit.

Uber started this strategy in new cities where they set low prices when compared to a normal taxi so that passengers will be happy and drivers can earn a bit more.

Is the ride hailing company Uber a serious threat to democracy?

Uber has always been people’s favorite regardless of several controversies. The company was found in 2009 by Travis Kalanick and it has become the most valuable startup since then. It is a threat to many local taxi services and the so called “yellow cabs”. It has partnerships and tie ups with huge brand names in various industries. It has risen to be the most powerful transportation network across the globe.

There are many critics that accuse Uber of fraudulent services. However, the company has always defended itself from those accusations. It is a proud owner of several credits and a list of controversies as well. The controversies include sexual harassment, racial discrimination and so many other stuffs that still remain a huge mystery. UberPop, the private car feature has been banned in France and there are speculations that it is still illegally operating in the city. But Uber says it tests the private car drivers before it employs them and several cities have banned the service due to safety concerns. Also, the company has claimed to be clean with no allegations or whatsoever. The disruptive innovations like Uber would sure be a cause for many problems and illegal activities in near future. It is one of the main reasons for income inequity in many countries across the globe.

The critics say Uber is a black market that is making money of its users and the company claims to offer justice to its drivers, but the truth is rather disgusting!